We attach great importance to the privacy of its users. To ensure this we have created a policy that is inextricably linked to the General Terms and Conditions of the Provider. You acknowledge that the Provider collects and processed the Registration Information and information on your use of the Service including the personally identifiable information contained therein for the purpose detailed in the Privacy Policy. As a global company, the Provider increasingly goes beyond the borders of one country.

The Service is supplied as is (at the stage of development it happens to be in) and the Provider accepts no liability nor does it issue any guarantees or warranty in the event that personal configurations, information or messages are not saved, or not saved in due time, or if they are deleted or incorrectly delivered. In order to subscribe to the Service, you are required to have access to the Internet and/or a mobile communications subscription and pay any service fees associated with such access. You are required to pay all expenses incurred in creating such access. You are also responsible for seeing to the connection of any necessary equipment, including any mobile telephone or personal computer or whatever devices that may be necessary needed and are in working order and suitable for use in connection with the Service.


General rules

Regarding the use of the Service you agree to the general rules, rules of play, promotional conditions and restrictions established by the Provider. The Provider reserves the right at all times and at its own discretion, without being required to issue prior notice, to amend these general rules, rules of play, promotional conditions and restrictions. The Provider is entitled to annul accounts that have remained inactive for considerable periods of time. You agree with the arrangement whereby the Provider bears no responsibility or liability to you in the event that information sent or provided by means of the Service is not saved or is deleted in error.



These General Terms and Conditions take the place of all previous agreements between you and the Provider. If you use any additional service, material or software from third parties, additional General Terms and Conditions may be applicable to you. European law is applicable to the relationship between you and the Provider, regardless of any provisions of applicable international law. Disputes will be submitted to your national competent court. Any failure by the Provider to exercise or invoke certain rights or stipulations laid down in the General Terms and Conditions in no way constitutes a waiver or renunciation of those rights or stipulations. If a court of competent jurisdiction is of the opinion that any stipulation in the General Terms and Conditions is not applicable, the parties nevertheless agree that the court must attempt to satisfy the wishes of the parties reflected by that stipulation, while the other stipulations of the General Terms and Conditions remain unimpaired.



The infrastructure and programmes are constructed and protected in such a way that it can be reasonably assumed that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to any information about users. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions regarding liability of the Provider.

Acceptance of this policy means the Provider:

– may use the information or a combination of it to execute the agreement between you and Provider, and to allow you the best possible use of the Provider’s website;
– may re-use the information communicated by you on the site or via SMS;
– can inform you about offers, discounts, new developments and additional services offered by the Provider;
– may process the information in connection with the formation or maintenance of a direct relationship between the Provider and/or enterprises selected by it and you for the purpose of recruitment for commercial or charity. The Provider may anonymize that information and use it or offer it to third parties in anonymous form.

Your acceptance of this policy

By using the Service of the Provider you agree with this Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with this, do not make use of our Service. We reserve the right at any moment to change, modify, extend or limit this Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions. We therefore advise you to read these pages regularly.